Cycle Indicator Gloves

These gloves are normal cycling gloves, but they have electronics sewn into them which add a blinking Indicator light to the gloves.
Using a kit from #kitronik here’s how to make them.

Astronaut Doll tutorial

knowing how to make a doll and sharing a connection with your child’s imaginative world through doll making is such a wonderful thing to do.

Fabric Painting

I am sure many of you are a bit nervous about dyeing your own cotton, so I made a little video to show you how I did it.

Pepper Pot Felt Dolls

To help get you through the isolation I’m making some of my patterns away for free!
Here’s the Pepper Pot doll pattern

My Little Crochet Dolls Video Tutorials

Here is the complete set of Video Tutorials on the My Little Crochet Doll pattern.

The New Improved Crochet Doll

I’ve just finished a series of video tutorials, made in my usual home made style. They’re available on YouTube and the first one starts here:

Crayon Play 3 – Making the Gloves

Taking Chalky a little bit further I came up with this idea.

E-textiles, Lights in your crafts

This is the first of a few YouTube videos I want to make showing how to put electronics into your craft project. I made it from a crafters point of view because so many tutorials on this subject are written by someone from an electronic background. This is how to put one LED into yourContinue reading “E-textiles, Lights in your crafts”

Which Felting Needle do I use?

Here’s a little problem. There are so many felting needles out there, and some come in fine, medium and hard sizes rather than gauge sizes. What does it all mean and which one should I buy? Well, here’s some help. I have sourced as many felting needles as I could find, each different and someContinue reading “Which Felting Needle do I use?”

Makey Make – Fried egg & bacon

Ah, this is much better. Making videos is so much quicker than taking photos of every step. This is a tutorial on another one of my favourites Egg & bacon. It’s a quick and easy make with a good outcome which people will love. Hope you enjoy it (excuse the rambling about the dentist)

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