Small, Smaller, Smallest (Painting Kits)

How small can I make my watercolour kit?
Can I paint with just three tiny items?

Best Plein Air Accessories

There’s a whole community of artists out there who spend a vast amount of time dwelling on their art supplies and it’s on the levels of paranoid US preppers.

Bouquet of roses

Because I can’t send physical flowers to those who need them, here’s some I painted.

Then how much more?

As much as we do in these difficult times, How much more, shall God?

Bluebells (I think)

My voice is slowly returning, but coughing like crazy. When it comes to growing things I am utterly useless. I can kill a plant quicker than any weedkiller without even trying so gardening isn’t my thing. My garden is just a square of grass that gets cut by the council. I could plant something, butContinue reading “Bluebells (I think)”

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