Five Crafty things

Just been having a lazy day on t’internet, so many many things, thought I’d share some.

1. If you’re not a knitter or crocheter then Ravelry might not be your thing, but if you do use yarn and and not familiar with Ravelry then you are truly missing out on a treat.

My first likey like is from Hélène Magnússon, a knitter from Iceland who writes some of the nicest knitted dolls I’ve seen. Her dolls are on my pattern buy list as soon as my knitting gets a bit better.

Her latest doll is Bjarni a blond haired blue eyed boy that I want amongst my treasured doll collection.



The patterns are available on Ravelry at

But you should also check out her website at if it’s only to look at the amazing pictures and dream of going on one of the wonderful looking wool tours she does.


2. Another Ravelry find…


I remember some years ago the old book covers from the penguin classics came in style. You could buy them re-printed on notebooks, t-shirts and even mugs, great and a bit pricey. Here though is the next best thing, crochet your very own book cover mug with a free pattern by Jenny Lomax

The pattern is FREE to download, I had a quick look and it looks great, written in an easy to understand style, great for all levels of crocheters, written in UK terms. A great little item with lots of style.


3. One thing I’ve been getting my mind around in the past few weeks is E-Textiles (electronic textiles) putting light and sounds into material. One website I’ve found is by Becky Stern

Personally I can’t even change a plug and worry at night if I’ve left a plug socket switched on. How on earth I’m going to handle fabric and electrics I don’t know. However, after a week of psyching myself up I made this


A little cross stitch card from Hobby craft with a light up jellyfish. Cute.

Anyway, now I’ve got one light sorted I’m working on my next project, two lights! Slowly does it.


4. I have no idea where this idea came from, but the picture is from Pinterest (sorry, no link to the pin)

32f476036403f13cbf2eae0581f5a60dWhat a great little craft idea and just in time for end of school, or a rainy day project for the summer holidays.


5. When I was a kid I was allowed to take stuff to church to play with during the service. Yeah, church was pretty dull when I was a kid. The problem was finding something to take that was quiet, small and didn’t roll around on the floor.

Now I’ve found a great solution… Quiet books.

Fabric pages that clip into a folder or work on their own, but each one has something to do on it.

Here’s one I wish I had as a kid (and wouldn’t mind one now!)


This one is from Freckled Felt on Etsy, so cute. The little fishies can be played with on their own or tucked neatly away behind the water.

Etsy has finished pages to buy and patterns, but there are many ideas around.

Check out the Quiet Book Blog for lots of ideas.

Would it be really childish to make one for myself? I could pretend it’s for when I babysit…. even though I don’t babysit.


Well, there you have it, Five great little things to get you excited about.




Published by bettyvirago

Betty Virago is an award winning textile designer. Based in Yorkshire, England, and known for her Northern Folk dolls and the Quilts of Hope project.

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